3 Scenarios Where A Portable Solar Generator Will Benefit You

The goal zero yeti 150 solar powered generator is great for camping

In the case of an emergency, it is important to have a portable solar generator when you don’t have ready access to electricity.

There are many cases where your power could run out or where you just don’t have access to immediate power – which makes it essential to have a portable solar generator at your side to help you with whatever situation arises.

These three scenarios will put into perspective situations you might find yourself in where you may need a small portable generator at your side.

Here are three areas where this tool can come in handy…

electricity can go out at any moment, which is why having a portable power generator is important#1 A Power Outage At Home

Everyone has power outages at some point in time. Sometimes they are predictable with the weather outside, but sometimes they happen randomly without any expectation. A power outage can be for a small period of time or for an extended duration of time (hours, or in some cases, days)…

…With these unpredictable situations, it is important to have an electric and/or solar powered generator by your side so you can be prepared.

Having backup power will allow you to keep your phones and other devices charged so you can communicate with your family and loved ones to make sure that they are safe…and so that others know that you are safe, too.

Also, you can charge lights and lanterns in case the power outage is at night.

#2 During A Road Trip

If you and your friends/family are on a road trip together, there usually is only a single AC outlet or 12V power source where, if you’re lucky and came prepared with an adapter for it, you will charge one phone or camera.

However, if you have a portable power station such as the Goal Zero Yeti 150 available, you have multiple outlets (two AC, two USB, and a 12V) that can be used by multiple people in the car!

This will help keep everyone’s devices charged for the long trip ahead. The portable power station simply makes it easier for you, your friends and family to have power when you need it on a road trip.

#3 Camping/Hiking

In an environment such as a campsite, it is necessary to be able to have all of your necessary devices charged so you can go for that hike or stay powered on campgrounds.

Usually, campsites are very scarce when it comes to having a place to charge any device, but with a portable power station such as the Goal Zero Yeti 150, you can find it much easier to charge your phones, cameras, or laptops with the push of a button.

No one wants to have their phones, lights, or cameras run out of battery in the middle of hiking or camping.

This small portable generator helps to alleviate the strain of having to go to an obscure location to charge our devices.

A portable solar generator makes an outdoor adventure much easier to prepare for because you will know that you’re getting the power you need to sustain you throughout your trip.

Best Come Prepared With A Portable Power Station

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 is a great, handy item

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 is about the size of a lunchbox and can charge a phone up to 12-15 times.

It can make life much easier, especially when you find yourself in a situation mentioned above.

To save yourself from the strain of finding another power source, click the link here to check out my in-depth Goal Zero Yeti 150 review.

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