Coronavirus Prevention 101 – Best Practices

Stay away from the coronavirus by reading the information below!

I am not a doctor or a professional when it comes to disease prevention. But below are some common-sense practices (and other not-so-common ones) that can keep you and your loved ones healthy during a time like this…

With the incoming cases of the highly contagious coronavirus, it is important to make sure that you are doing the best you can to protect yourself from contracting this disease.

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Corona Virus Prevention – What You Can Do

What can you do to prevent getting this illness?

  1. You can protect yourself by simply washing your hands thoroughly. This means avoiding the all-too-common quick-washing your hands for 10 seconds and thinking your hands are perfectly clean. When cleaning your hands, make sure to wash them for at least 30 seconds per wash with some good hand soap.
  2. Another protective measure would be to:
  • Use hand sanitizer with 70+ percent of alcohol content
  • Wear a face mask so you don’t touch your face,
  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue (because this virus can stay inside of your clothing for up to a week).

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How Coronavirus Gets Contracted

Another important feature or prevention method has to do with avoiding touching your face – particularly your mouth and nose.

The illness gets into your system particularly from contact with the nose and mouth. The other main way it can get into your system is if someone with the illness coughs or sneezes towards you.

The droplets from the cough or sneeze get onto your skin and you’re basically helpless from that point.

FYI – The coronavirus may not show symptoms for up to 14 days!

Microscopic Bacteria


If someone you know has the coronavirus, make sure they self-quarantine for at least two weeks to full-health before going into public areas.

In the US, 14 days is the approximate number of days that incoming travelers take when arriving in the US from another country that has the coronavirus.

Keeping Social Distance

It is important to take proper precautions and stay home if you have the opportunity to. If you have the choice to work remotely for your job, it is highly recommended to do so, especially if you work in an office with a lot of employees.

The office I work in for my job is a large, open area with no cubicles, so I will definitely be working from home. There’s too much risk associated with contracting this disease to be around large groups of people at this point in time.

Off-Grid Self-Quarantine

Another interesting way to avoid this illness is to off-grid self-quarantine for a week or two.

Tents on a hill overlooking skyline

I know this is out there in terms of practicality, but if you like camping and going off-grid, you may as well take advantage of the opportunity to go outdoors and stay away from crowds for a while.

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This could be a great way to disconnect not only from people and potentially contracting the disease, but it’s also an opportunity to avoid the commotion of the media and others in your social groups who may be panicking about the spread of the virus.

Panicking does no good for anyone.

I’m not saying to completely disconnect from the outside world, but as long as you’re aware of the current state of the virus in your area, there should be nothing else that you need to focus on besides taking preventative measures to the best of your ability.


Inside the US, there is still a probability that this will become a pandemic in our country. Knowing this, it is important to know that it is very similar to the flu.

I suggest doing your own research to gain as much knowledge as possible, and I wish you, your families, and friends health and safety during this time.

Find more information on the coronavirus and how to prevent it here on the CDC website.

If you want to communicate with me and others regarding this, visit my Facebook page here and we can discuss it!

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