Top 4 Portable Solar Panels for 2022

Hello! Today I will be showing you my review of the four best solar panel chargers for 2022!

These portable solar panels will be rated on their power output, their quality, and other features. All are collapsible and are essential for any outdoor activity to keep your devices charged up.

Here’s my ranking of the top four portable solar panels for 2022:

  1. RAVPower Solar Charger
  2. Choetech Solar Charger
  3. SunKingdom Solar Charger
  4. Goal Zero Nomad 20

Also, make sure to read the whole article or just scroll to the end to get a couple of solar charging tips to consider before buying your next charger!

Why Use Portable Solar Panels?

Everyone has a device or phone that needs to be charged in some way or another. Staying charged up while outdoors can be a grueling task without the proper equipment like portable solar chargers.

The whole point of a solar charger is for free energy on the go. When you’re backpacking, a foldable solar panel can give you the power that you need for whatever situation you find yourself in.

If you want to know more about recharging times with these types of portable solar panels, I created an article dedicated to cell phone recharging with solar chargers that you can find right here: How Long Does It Take a Solar Charger to Charge a Cell Phone?.

Here are the four solar panel chargers that I will be reviewing today. We will be counting down from 4 to 1.

#4 Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel

The Nomad 20 provides three portable solar panels for optimal sun energy collection

This solar charger is a nice touch to any camping trip because it has 20 Watts of power and can charge your laptop or any other device that is small or medium sized. The panel can also daisy chain or in other words, connect to another solar panel charger to get even more power where you need it.

The panel comes with a mesh pocket to store cables and devices or any other small gadgets that might be lying around. The Nomad 20 also has one USB connection that you can connect to your battery bank or device. The construction of the solar charger is monocrystalline and is weatherproof, so you can use it in most conditions. Obviously, since it is a solar panel, you’re going to get the most out of it with consistent sunlight.

==>Find out more on the Nomad 20 here

#3 SunKingdom Solar Charger

This portable solar charger has a large surface area which is great for energy collection

The SunKingdom solar charger has 6 solar panels on it, making it the largest surface area out of all of these panels. The SunKingdom claims to have 39 watts of power, which is the most powerful one featured out of all the other solar chargers mentioned. However, it’s been said the panel really puts out about 30 Watts of power in consistent sunlight. This is still the most power out of all four panels, but just be aware of the claimed wattage versus the actual tested wattage.

Nevertheless, this solar panel charger has a huge output and comes with a USB connector and also an 18 Volt DC outlet as well. Some other features include multiple connectors that can charge many different laptops and devices.

Important: if you are charging an iPhone or iPad, make sure that you keep the panel in consistent sunlight because there is a chip in Apple devices that does not allow for inconsistent current from its power source, which the solar chargers very often do have due to inconsistent weather conditions. For more information on a power bank that can get you the consistent power you need, check out my solar generator review here.

==>Purchase your SunKingdom Solar Charger here

#2 Choetech Solar Charger

A solar panel charger can power your devices in the outdoors

This solar panel kit has a great size, a lot of power, and has a dual USB port. The foldable solar panel also comes with loops to connect to a tent, backpack, or tree, and a pocket to store your device while charging…

…Be careful when doing this though, because when charging a device (phone/tablet) while there is a lot of heat from the sun, it could malfunction and overheat. It is important to keep your device in the shade while charging.

This product is not sold on Amazon but can be purchased on their website. Lastly, the solar charger claims to get 19 Watts of power. This has been criticized from customer testing, but the power output is still really good – testing at about 15 watts of consistent power.

#1 RAVPower Solar Charger

Solar panel chargers are great tools when camping

I’ve rated this solar panel charger the best due to its power output, its versatility, and its consistent current of power. The panel has an iSmart chip in it, which allows you to charge devices consistently, so you can charge your iPhone and iPad safely.

The charger has 16 watts of power, comes with two USB connectors, and has metal “eyes” or loops embedded in it. This allows you to tie it with a carabiner or other tool for easy use on a backpack or tent to charge with. The panel is compact and charges your devices quickly.

==>Click here to find the RavPower Solar Charger on Amazon

Bonus Tips For Solar Charging!

  • The longer the USB cable from the portable solar panel, the less power output you’re going to get. More cable distance = smaller power output.
  • Make sure that both ports have the same current running through it. One USB port could have a really high output and charge your devices quickly, while the other one is slow.
  • Angle your solar panels so they are perpendicular to the sun. This may seem obvious to some but it is highly important for maximum charging times.

Some solar panel chargers, including the RavPower, have restart technology that powers your devices consistently. However, most panels do not have this feature. It is important to have this because you could end up not getting the results you want from it

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator works great with portable solar panels

This is why I would recommend getting a portable power bank or portable solar generator to connect your solar panels to because these batteries will eliminate the inconsistencies from the charging of the solar panels, and will give you consistent power .

==> If you are interested in getting a portable power station for your next trip, click here to read my review on the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station.

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