The Transparent Truth of the Crystal Kayak – Overview

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With the ability to be tandem or single-rider, the Crystal Kayak has a one of a kind design that is as beautiful as nature itself…

Why? because it’s transparent! You can enjoy not only the nature around you as you kayak or canoe, but you can enjoy what lies underneath the water as well!

The Crystal Kayak is one of a kind not only because of its capabilities but also because it is the most trusted transparent kayak on the market today.

For God sakes, the hull (or shell) of the kayak is made from the same material that fighter plane cockpit windshields are made from!

The Transparent Kayak’s Purpose

This material is clearly strong enough for any adventure, so why not go and get this kayak? Well, there’s one setback and that is that this kayak is not meant for intense waters.

This is definitely not something you want in any intense shifting body of water. For more intense sea coasts with wind and current, I recommend getting a touring kayak like the Riot Kayaks Brittany.

Crystal Kayaks are meant for families, couples, and individuals who want to explore waters and create memories to last a lifetime from their kayaking trips. They want a kayak that gives them the ability to see what is underneath the dense waters below while also enjoying the ride above water.

This is especially a great product for people who will use it in crystal clear water, hence the name of the product… The clear water (and if you get near a reef, even better!) is great because you can seek and find creatures that lurk below!

Being made of a transparent material, this might frighten some at first because it is so different than a standard kayak or canoe. But the material that the crystal clear kayak is made of is probably stronger than most normal kayaks, and lighter too!

Weighing in at 48 pounds, the Crystal Kayak is extremely light when comparing it to a high-quality traditional kayak or canoe.

The shape of the Kayak is in between a kayak and canoe. This is because the crystal kayak is open like a canoe, yet is narrow like a Kayak.

Dimensions and Features of the Crystal Kayak

Crystal Kayak features

Let’s get into the outside and inside of the crystal kayak and show you the details of what you can get in the package…

The kayak can fit two adults inside (up to 425 pounds total) and is made with some of the highest quality materials to make this boat the best of the best and also long-lasting.

Crystal Kayak specs

The UV protection used around the surface of the hull is to prevent yellowing on the kayak over many trips. This is a major plus because you want your kayak to be as transparent as possible to be able to consistently see through the water over multiple trips.

What is also offered is a cleaning kit to alleviate your kayak of any scratches or scrapes while using it for years. This kit allows you to clean up these scratches because it works coherently with the materials of the hull of the kayak.

What Happens If You Scratch Your Crystal Kayak?

If you scratch your kayak, you do not necessarily need the cleaning kit right away. This is because you can still see through the scratches while in water.

The scratches are only visible out of water. when in a body of water, they go away because the materials used in the creation of the kayak allow you to see through it no matter what.

It is recommended to clean your kayak after every use to make sure it is void of any particles like sand or dirt or anything like that. This helps preserve the longevity of the boat like a beautiful luxury car that has been maintained for years.

It’s also recommended carrying your kayak to your point of entry into the water – instead of dragging it. It is not the end of the world if you drag it, but it will keep it nice and usable for many years to come if you simply maintain it well.

The price of one of these bad boys is $1,599. Included are the Crystal Kayak, two seats, two paddles, and two safety floats. You have the option of upgrading the paddles to a fiberglass style as well if you’d like the best of the best.

This product is really one of a kind and brings the world to you as you explore it. Just check out this video of a manatee hanging out with a fellow kayaker using a see-through canoe! What an exciting experience!

This is why the Crystal Kayak is one of a kind – because it makes your next adventure better. It gives you the second side of nature.


Everyone can go on a boat and see the beauty of the waters around them and see the nature surrounding them, but what they can’t see through this is the beauty and nature below.

The nature of the waters is something to be marveled at. If you’ve seen Aquaman in theaters, you know how awesome the world below us is. And what an exciting time for kids as well!

Having a Crystal Kayak is basically like snorkeling combined with kayaking. You get the best of both worlds!

As a kid, I remember going to a place called Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida.

My sister and I went snorkeling with giant stingrays and fish of all kinds! It was a surreal experience, and I still remember the awe I felt as a kid and the sparks of imagination and joy it brought my family to see wildlife like that in water for the first time.

It was like being in the movie Finding Nemo!

The Crystal Kayak can bring you and your loved ones something amazing to experience again and again, and this something is called great memories! It’s because you get the best of both worlds: Snorkeling and kayaking.

They also have other items for water adventures, such as paddle boards and other accessories.

Crystal Kayak is a truly inspiring company who is changing the kayaking experience for people across the globe.

They want you to live it up at sea! Do you want to have experiences like none other when kayaking?

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