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Are you a real outdoorsy type? Are you someone who always wants to be prepared for the worst? Maybe you’re an intersection of the two?

Regardless of which category you fall under, what ties all of them together is the need for a rechargeable power source. The times have changed in recent decades and the rise of technological advancement has brought with it a need for power.

Our smartphones and laptops have become our gateway to communication in so many aspects, that it can be hard to go without them. This is especially hard when you’re in an emergency, or out in the middle of nowhere. 

Fortunately, as technology and the need for power for that technology has evolved, so have the power sources.

Modern generators are no longer those noisy gas-powered things of the past. They are far more efficient, and often eco-friendly. These rechargeable generators have become such an important asset for a multitude of reasons, so why not make models that suit the times? 

That’s where the EcoFlow R600 comes in.

What is the EcoFlow River R600?

EcoFlow R600 on countertop
Image provided via Kickstarter

The EcoFlow R600 Modular Portable Power Station is the modern answer to generators of the past.

Solar generators from only a few years ago would take a long time to recharge via solar panels or wall charging. With today’s improvements in technology, recharge times are a fraction of what they used to be.

EcoFlow is known for a few solar generator models like the Delta 1300 and the River 370, but their most recent project is the R600 that can be found on Kickstarter.

The EcoFlow R600 is a solar generator that is known for its extremely fast charging capabilities and for its versatility. It comes in three versions. The R600 is the base model, the R600 Max is the middle tier, and the R600 Pro is the highest tier in the lineup.

Instead of the clunky gas-powered beasts that we are so used to for back up power, the EcoFlow R600 provides portable, eco-friendly power that you can generate from just about anywhere.

Pollution is one of the biggest concerns we have in current times. Our problem with pollution isn’t getting any better, and the only thing we can do is try to reduce emissions where we can.

The EcoFlow does that by eradicating the need for fuel that only emits toxic fumes. With the new portable economical design, not only is it fume-free, this thing is dead silent. No more loud buzzing or humming noises to disturb your peace while camping or trying to handle a crisis. 

Take a look at the stats of this solar generator to get a good idea of its power, weight, and more.

EcoFlow R600 Specs

Battery Capacity288Wh
Inverter Wattage600W Continuous, 1200W Surge
Inverter TypeSmart Pure Sine Wave
Max Solar Input200W
Charge Times2 hrs w/ 200W solar;
2 hrs from wall
Charge Cycles500+ to 80% Capacity

This new portable power station is designed to be lightweight and portable with no need for routine maintenance like a traditional generator.

No more costly repairs or cleaning because, with no fuel, there are no fuel lines to get gunked up. This power station plugs completely into the wall or can be charged via solar panel for a truly green energy option. 

They come in a multitude of sizes as well to ensure that whatever you need to run and for however long, the EcoFlow models have got you covered. Not to mention the fast charging from 0% to 80% in one hour, makes the EcoFlow R600 one of the fastest charging power stations on the market.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, thankfully it is as good as it sounds, possibly even better. 

Unlike gas generators, this portable power station won’t need replacement parts so no need to worry about having to shell out extra cash to fix it.

Even if your load is light, gas generators always run at full capacity so they are more likely to give out on you because they are constantly consuming unnecessary fuel. Which makes this power station truly energy efficient and good for the planet. 

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EcoFlow R600 Package Options

The EcoFlow R600 has three variations, each with different battery capacities. These models include the standard R600 (288Wh), the R600 MAX (576Wh), and the R600 PRO (768Wh). All R600 variations have an inverter rated at 600W continuous, 1,200W surge power.

Whether your power needs are for camping, emergencies, or even van-life, the R600’s model options can adapt to your needs.

Having options that will suit your individual needs is really what makes EcoFlow a fantastic company to invest in. So what options are we looking at as far as power goes?

EcoFlow R600 package options
Image provided via Kickstarter

Standard EcoFlow R600 Solar Generator (Base Option) – Features

The standard EcoFlow R600 has a battery capacity of 288Wh and recharges in 1.6 hours from a wall outlet. The R600’s output ports include USB-A (3), USB-C (1), 12V car output (1), 12V DC outputs (2), and AC ports (3).

The runtime for this power station varies depending on the wattage of what you’re plugging into it. 

For something basic and low wattage like a light, which is around 10W, it will run for about 29 hours. If you’re looking to run something of a bigger wattage like a refrigerator which is around 150W, just in case your power goes out or something, it’ll run about two hours. 

This generator is really perfect for when you need a little emergency power, or if you just need a little boost while camping. It is such a fantastic piece of equipment and charges up quickly with the X-Stream recharge cable. It hooks up directly to the AC for easy charging with no need for an adaptor.

Increased Battery Capacity From the EcoFlow R600 MAX

The R600 MAX has all of the same features as the standard R600 except it has double the battery capacity (576Wh) of the standard R600’s 288Wh. This is achieved by a modular design, allowing the R600 MAX battery to be added to the bottom of the standard R600 solar generator.

If you’re looking for a little more juice, the R600 MAX is the perfect piece of equipment to keep everything running.

 of power so it can keep more running or keep the smaller appliances working for longer. A light at 10W can run for about 57 hours, where a refrigerator at 150W will run for about four hours. 

It has all the benefits of the R600 basic but just gives you that extra boost. If you’re wanting to go solar, this model will charge up fully via a solar panel in only three hours. It charges in over half the time of other manufacturers like Goal Zero or Jackery products. 

EcoFlow R600 PRO (LFP) With External Battery Options

At 768Wh, the EcoFlow R600 PRO (LFP) is the largest solar generator in the R600 lineup. Two unique features of the R600 PRO include its internal LiFePO4 battery and its ability to connect to external batteries. The LiFePO4 battery allows the PRO model to have 3,500+ cycles to 80% capacity.

The R600 MAX and R600 have lithium-ion batteries that have one-seventh the cycles, at 500 cycles to 80% capacity.

The PRO model comes in handy if you’re looking for longevity. Coming in at a whopping 768Wh, this thing can deliver up to 77 hours of power to run 10W of light or five hours of runtime for a 150W refrigerator.

This is perfect if where you live is prone to power outages, like tornados, hurricanes, or monsoons. It can keep things up and running while you’re waiting for your power to come back on. 

Not to mention, if you’re someone who’s interested in van-life, this one has enough juice to power your laptops, mini-fridges, phones, cooktops, and more. It is portable and easy to customize with other options to help boost the amount of power it gives off.

With the addition of the EF-1500 LFP External Battery, it boosts the power supply up to 2304Wh, which means a light can last over nine days and a refrigerator can last over 15 hours. 

There are also ways for you to double up on your power by linking two R600 MAXs or PROs through the X-link cable to chain them. This can take your power level up to between 1100 and 1500Wh. 

But what are some things you should know before you make your purchase?  

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Special Features Included With the EcoFlow R600

The EcoFlow R600 is the fastest portable charging station on the market these days. You’re getting so much more for your money than you would with the average generator.

EcoFlow not only has cornered the market on their design but their features are what really set them apart from the rest of the generators you’ll find. 

Both simple and complex features have melded to form a truly functional and durable power station that can be highly customized to suit your needs. 

One of the important features to note is less of a feature and more of a deal as it is the extended warranty on the device. It is a 36-month carefree warranty that is extended to their Kickstarter backers and it covers a lot.

It will cover issues with hardware, software, and accessories, as well as offer remote assistance and shipping so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Multiple Charging Options for the EcoFlow R600, Including X-Stream AC Charging

EcoFlow R600 package options
Image provided via Kickstarter

This device has a multitude of options when it comes to getting it charged back up and ready for use. It boasts being rechargeable via solar panel, and not only is this a solid option, it actually charges it far faster than most other solar-charging products.

The R600 can charge up to five times faster than the other power stations on the market. Able to charge fully in 1.5 to 4.5 hours as opposed to 6 to 14 like other products. 

If you don’t want to spring for a solar panel you can also charge this as you’d charge any other device, by using a wall adapter.

It will charge quicker than it does via a solar panel at 1.6 to 2 hours to fully charge, as opposed to traditional power stations that take anywhere from 7.5 to 8.5 hours. 

Because this is so portable and travel-friendly, this device can also be charged up via a car adapter, though that may take a little bit longer than the first two options. It is, however, ideal if you use your power station while camping or if you do RV or van-life. 

The X-Stream recharging system is also incredibly helpful as it further speeds up your charging time and offers direct charging capabilities.

Unlike other power stations, the X-Stream has been developed so you don’t need an extra cable to be able to charge up your generator. No brick converted needed as the X-Stream connects directly from the power station to the wall. 

With so many options, you are guaranteed to be able to fully charge your generator without any trouble. This is so much better than traditional generators as it removes the need for fuel and is easier to use and more environmentally conscious. 

The EcoFlow R600 Is Able to Power More Than Its Competition

There are a lot of power stations on the market, but that doesn’t mean that every one of them is created equal.

What makes the R600 so special is its advanced inverter, allowing you to power a wider array of items than solar generators of similar size. Most generators can only handle a few basic things like laptops, phones, and small lights, but the R600 has so many boost options that it can power so much more than you thought possible. It can power things like: 

  • GoPros
  • Hair Dryers
  • Electric Grills
  • CPAP
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric Cooktop
  • Rice Cooker
  • Electric Kettle
  • And more!

The R600’s options ensure that in case of emergency you’re never left without options. With so many issues that follow power outages, you shouldn’t worry about your food spoiling or being unable to reach someone because your phone has died.

Emergencies are already hard enough to navigate without having to worry over your appliances. The R600 takes that worry out of everything for you and is truly customizable to your needs. 

Wireless Operating Options With the EcoFlow R600 – The EcoFlow App

Yes, you heard that right! Wireless operating options. In this new day in age, EcoFlow has kept up with modern designs and has made it capable to be operated without having to touch the device.

It comes with an EcoFlow app that can be used to control it remotely and completely hands-free.

You can control the X-Boost function, monitor the output, power level, and the different charging modes. One of the coolest things though is that it can switch the modes that your power station is working in.

This is to control the noise level while it is charging and can either be in a quiet office mode or a library level so you can be fully in control of how much noise your device is giving off. 

The light setting is also something that can be monitored this way as the R600 comes equipped with an LED light.

The brightness can be controlled via the remote app and has the capability to be lowered or heightened to suit any situation. Whether you need the light to help during a blackout, or you want to lower it so you can sleep while camping.

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Kit Expansion Allows the EcoFlow R600 to Be Customized for More Power

EcoFlow R600 Max and R600 PRO
Image provided via Kickstarter

As previously stated, you can take the R600 basic package and then expand upon it to suit your power needs. If you’re someone who simply needs the power station in case of emergency, the basic R600 is exactly what you’re looking for.

It is portable and able to withstand your emergency needs and keep you powered for a few hours without any worry. As you go up in power level, the R600 adapts to suit the needs of the consumer. 

The power capabilities raise as you go up in the series and they are built to suit different levels of need.

They are built to withstand the need and can be either linked or have a kit added to boost the power should you find your need changes over time. 

These adaptive power stations are ideal for things like camping and van-life as they offer the right amount of power to suit your portable devices and appliances so you don’t have to rely on other power sources.

These have become truly vital as they offer an eco-friendly and truly portable option for these alternative lifestyles. 

Why Choose the EcoFlow R600?

EcoFlow R600 blown up
Image provided via Kickstarter

With everything that has been covered about this brand, it is a wonder why you would even consider another option. They have truly cornered the market on what it means to be a truly portable power station.

Other brands have paved the way to the current style of generators that we have today, and EcoFlow has taken everything that was good about past generators and has improved them. 

Generators have been thought of for so long by the public as these clunky, off-gassing, fuel-run things that sit around in the basement or backyard in case the power happens to go out.

As the years have progressed there has been remarkable headway made in providing clean power sources that not only make them easier to use and transport, but they are better for our environment. 

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to having backup power, and EcoFlow knows that the need for portable power shouldn’t have to come with compromises.

They have made it their mission to provide a power station that charges faster, is lighter weight, and comes with multiple modes, options, and power boosts, to truly customize the user experience. 

EcoFlow is a trusted brand that guarantees renewable energy, durability, and intuitive design so you truly get every bit of what you pay for. The material of the power station is guaranteed to withstand the elements and will ensure that any heavy-duty situations will be handled with ease.

The material is tough but light, so you don’t have to worry about lugging it around while you camp. It is so space-friendly as well and can be tucked away with ease if not connected to anything. 

In case of sudden need, this bad boy charges up from 0-80% in one hour. It is also practical and can be charged up fully and then stowed away for when the need arises. 

You simply can’t go wrong with the EcoFlow R600 and all of the adaptive features that set this generator apart from the rest. While brands like Goal Zero and Jackery are trusted in the generator community, EcoFlow has carved out its own prestige by being reliable and user-friendly.

No matter what your need is, the EcoFlow R600 has an option for you that can suit everything from natural disasters like tornados and blizzards, to medical needs for home hospice or CPAP capabilities. 

Don’t settle for something else that might not get the job done, browse the EcoFlow R600’s abundant packages, and find what’s right for you. 

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