RAVPower 25,000mAh Review – Portable Power Banks for the Adventure Seeker

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Imagine being on a beach with your best friends and suddenly, your phone starts to run out of juice!

You’re at 5% battery but you know that it’ll shut off soon without even warning you.

What do you do?

Just wait and watch as your phone slowly loses touch with the outside world at your side?

Or do you connect the RAVPower 25,000mAh solar charger to your phone and relax, knowing that you have lasting battery life?

UPDATE: The RAVPower solar charger is not longer available on Amazon. For a list of my seven top solar power banks I have an updated post that you can find here: Top 7 Solar Panel Battery Banks – A Battle for Power.

If you’re looking for charging your cell phone via a solar charger, I have a post dedicated to this subject. I go into detail on cell phone and general device charging, give my top three solar chargers, and answer FAQs on solar chargers here: How Long Does It Take a Solar Charger to Charge a Cell Phone?.

Initial Look Of The RAVPower Portable Charger

Many features are included within this 25,000mAh solar charger

The battery pack is very slim and is only about a pound in weight. Its dimensions are 7.1 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches, making it a smidge bigger than your average iPhone.

The material used on the outside of the battery is waterproof and is a high-density plastic, so if you drop it, it will be as good as new.

Any adventurous activity that you go on can withstand this battery pack because it was designed with heavy outdoor use in mind.

Why The RAVPower Stands Out

This solar panel charger holds 25,000mAh of power capacity with it. To put that in perspective, you can charge your iPhone 8 9.3 times, your Samsung S8 5.6 times, and an iPad Mini 4 3.3 times over. With such a magnificent power capacity, you can even charge up to three devices at once!

Besides the battery size, the solar panel on the side of the charger lets you charge your battery wherever there’s sunlight.

This is super convenient for anyone on an adventure or anyone working where there’s a lot of light. No need for cables.

To add, This solar charger is completely waterproof and has an IP66 rating. It is also durable, rugged, is dustproof and shockproof. This makes it ideal for climbing rocks or doing something active where it might fall out and hit the ground.

The RAVPower solar battery charger will make your next camping trip exceptional

(Find the RAVPower charger here on Amazon!)

Features of the RAVPower Solar Charger…

Besides the massive battery size, this charger comes with a lot of extras – Starting with an LED light, which has three modes with it…

Normal mode, which is a consistent light and is really bright, SOS mode, which flashes the light slowly, and strobe mode, where the light flashes very fast.

The portable solar charger comes with a charging cable (USB to Micro USB) to charge your device faster from the wall if you wish to do that before a campout or adventure.

A flashlight is imbedded within the exterior of the RAVPower 25,000mAh

There are four ports: Two USB ports, one USB-C port, and one Micro USB port.

To keep you aware of how much battery is left on the tank, there is an LED battery status indicator with four LED dots to show your battery status to you on your trip/outing.

Also included is a retractable hanging ring, so you can attach it to your backpack or some other place where you can charge it up in sunlight.

Check out the unboxing video here

What’s Included in the box?

  • 1x RAVPower Solar Charger
  • 1x Micro USB to USB-C Adapter
  • 2x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x User Guide

Best Places To Use The RAVPower Charger

Here are some areas where this solar power bank will come in handy for you.

A Backpacking Trip

This solar charger will enhance any backpacking trip and can charge your camera, drone, phone, and any other electronics you have with you on your trip!

On A Beach

Making sure that your phones are fully charged before going out to the beach is a must.

But what if you no longer had to worry about how long it took for your phone battery or Bluetooth speaker to die? What if you could relax and bring an extra battery to the beach and keep all devices charged? This product would be a great investment for beach vibes.

A Boating Or Kayaking Trip

If you’re fishing on a boat and don’t have access to an outlet, this charger would really come in handy.

Considering that you can charge an iPhone 8 over nine times with it, this would be a great investment for not only yourself but for the whole crew that you go boating or fishing with.

While Working Outside

People working outside on their computers

If you’ve ever worked outside at a Starbucks or in your own backyard, these outdoor areas can be great working environments if you can find a quaint spot to work in.

This charger would be great for any writers who like to take their work to a park and type away.

Also, this is exceptional for any content creators, digital nomads, and others who have the opportunity to work from home and can go outside to work.

This is perfect because you have the power to stay outside for hours without having to leave.


The technical specifications, found on Amazon.com, are as follows:

Specifications of RAVPower power bank

Pros and Cons


  • It has a high power capacity and can recharge a lot of devices with one charge
  • The construction is extremely durable, so you can take it almost anywhere with you
  • There are three output ports that have the latest technology with them, so you can charge multiple devices at once, which is very convenient
  • You can use both input ports at the same time to recharge the RAVPower battery quickly


  • The solar panel is small on the battery, so it charges slower than your average portable solar panel. The recharging time is long with just the solar panel, so it is not recommended to solely use this feature when charging the battery


Overall, the RAVPower 25000mAh solar power bank is a great tool to have with you in many different scenarios, and since it can also be charged from a solar panel within the battery, this portable power bank tops the charts in functionality and battery capacity.

The portable battery is extremely durable and also waterproof, making it a great tool especially for people who will use it while hiking, camping, and boating.

Having a tool like this can help you in times of greatest need, especially when you’re off the grid and need to charge a phone or GPS.

This solar charger is top notch and is a very useful item to have in your gear bag.

With three outputs, the RAVPower solar charger is versatile in many environments

Where Can I Find This?

You can find this product on Amazon here. Along with the battery pack, you get a 30-month warranty from RAVPower!

You know that they believe in their product when they give you a 2.5-year warranty for this rugged piece of equipment!

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