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The Suaoki 400Wh Solar Generator has many capabilities

Advantages Of The Suaoki 400Wh Solar Powered Generator…

Packing a punch, this solar generator brings a lot of power to the table and can help you in situations where the grid won’t…

Being a medium-sized portable solar generator, the Sauoki 400 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s great for small to medium-sized appliances and can be used while camping, in your home when the power goes out, in offices, on construction sites, in your RV, and for many other areas.

Power Range and Peak Capacity

With a peak capacity of 444 watt-hours, the Suaoki 400Wh Solar powered generator can run a variety of appliances. This generator is not for large appliances or for intense surge power (large refrigerators, high-powered well pumps, etc), but it can be used for some power-intensive ones including blow dryers and vacuum cleaners, surprisingly.

In case of emergencies, this generator can power up lights, smartphones, tablets, laptops, mini-fridges, and many other gadgets and appliances with no problem.

The Suaoki 400Wh is quite powerful for the price, and is ideal for ICE situations at home, fishing, camping, or if you’re on a road trip!

Charging the Suaoki 400Wh generator with a solar panel

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3 Ways To Charge

Running its power with a lithium-ion battery, the Suaoki 400 has the best battery you can get with a portable electric generator. These batteries are smaller and more powerful than lead-acid ones and also last much longer.

Being a solar generator, the main attribute that makes this one special is its ability to be hooked up and charged with solar panels, so you can stay off the grid for extended periods of time. However, there are a few other ways to charge this large battery generator…

In case the sun isn’t bright enough or it is raining, you can use the car charger adapter (12V/24V) or a standard AC power outlet to charge this portable generator. The Suaoki has a built-in inverter, which allows it to handle DC and AC power safely and effectively.

The battery can charge multiple devices at once, regardless of whether it is AC or DC powered, making the battery pack versatile.

The kit comes with a wall adapter for AC power, solar panel inputs for your panels (which are sold separately), and a cigarette lighter socket as well as a cigarette lighter charger for input and output via your vehicle.

Suaoki 400Wh ports and run times diagram

Variety Of Outputs To Choose From

With four 5V USB power outputs, you can charge your whole family’s cell phones at once! You can plug in any device to the USB including items such as lights, tablets, and more.

For your laptop, blow-dryer, and other more power-intensive items, there is a pure sine wave AC inverter with an output of 300W. Also included are two DC ports.

With the cigarette lighter socket, you can charge or power up an air compressor, vacuum cleaner, and other medium-sized appliances.

What makes this portable solar generator unique is that you can jump-start your car with it. The jump starter port is designed for 12V batteries and the kit includes a pair of jump starter clamps! This is rare for generators similar to the Suaoki 400Wh. This makes the Sauoki extremely versatile and able to handle many scenarios on your next adventure/road trip.

Some situations that you could find this generator useful in include: on the road, at home, camping, fishing, at a barbeque, with friends on a beach, and many others! I highly recommend this solar powered generator for anyone that could use portable power at home or on the go.

Easy To Use Buttons And LCD Screen

LCD Display comes with the Suaoki generator

This generator is easy to use despite all of its various connections. The most notable feature of this generator is the LCD screen on the front side.

The screen shows you how much battery is left, how much power you are using with your devices plugged in, and the charging status of your generator.

On the left side of the screen, there are three buttons. The top button is the power on/off switch, the second is the AC ON button, and the third is the DC ON button. Located on the right side are the inputs and outputs – The AC adapter, the jump starter port, USB ports, and solar input ports.

With all of the various inputs and outputs, they may seem confusing to a beginner using this generator. The user manual will guide you to the right switch for the task if needed. Otherwise, most buttons and connections are easy and convenient to hook up.

Durable Construction and Surge Protection

Another distinguishing factor of the Suaoki 400Wh Solar powered generator is the surrounding body of the battery. The construction is made of an aluminum alloy and is very durable for outside occasions. This beats the standard plastic used by most other solar generators of this size on the market today.

In addition, this kit has surge protection, making the generator knowledgeable of what you plug into it, so the battery won’t burn out. So if your kid tries to plug in a blender, you’re alright!

Being extremely reliable and durable, this generator is one of the best solar generators on the market today.


The Suaoki is one of the lightest solar generators for its size, at 12.3 lbs. It has a soft carrying handle so you can carry it with ease to your camp spot or wherever you may take it.

Limitations Of The Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

There are some limitations to this generator. Let me show you what you should know.

Solar Panel Not Included

There is no solar panel included. Even though it is a solar powered generator, the panels you can get are sold separately. There are many solar panels to choose from, and they vary in sizes, so make sure you find the one best for you if you decide to purchase one.

However, you do not need to have a solar panel to charge this generator. It’s only if you really want to have it as an add-on.

Not Supportive Of Large Appliances

For large appliances like a full-size fridge, or for large surge devices like a blender or toaster, this generator will not work with them. You can use it for an HDTV, but be aware that it may not last for more than 5 hours on a full charge.


The Suaoki generator is not the biggest, baddest electric generator on the market. It doesn’t have the most insane power output, but it will bring your home and campsite the power it needs to keep you going. With its size, however, it really is a powerhouse.

With its comfortable design, attention to detail, and usability, the Sauoki 400Wh portable solar generator can bring you ease and satisfaction in many scenarios.

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