Solar Charging.. What’s The Point?

Whether you’re at the beach, in the wilderness, or sitting by the pool, you are in need of an outlet that is not there for you for your devices. You need the devices to be charged but you have nowhere to charge!

Solar charging comes in the form of portable solar panels that help you to charge up when you’re at a destination that doesn’t provide you with a wall outlet.

These solar charging panels, such as the Nomad 7 solar panel (pictured below), make it easier to keep your phone or other accessories charged.

This is so important because no one wants a phone to run out of battery, especially when at the beach or during a camping trip, so these solar panels are very useful.

Nomad 7 solar panel opened up
My Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel.

Pros of Solar Charging

The pros of having a solar charger are:

Increased battery life

The main point is that you will have more battery life in your desired area of choice. Whether that be a phone, laptop, or camera, you will get your device charged. This makes you not need to make that trip back to a coffee shop or your house to recharge. This is important because it saves you time and you can relax knowing that your device is good to go.

Clean & reliable off-grid energy

Obviously, solar panels provide free and clean energy to your device from the sun. This is great because you can charge up anywhere where the sun is out and about.

Some solar panels even charge your device when there is some cloud cover, making it easier to find a spot to charge!

Once you have the solar charger, you are basically making an investment that will pay itself off over time. A solar panel will charge your device for any camping trip or any excursion that is out of the house. Free energy, nothing needed but the sun.

Cons of Solar Charging

There are a few cons of using solar as a charging source, including:

Charging times are not always predictable

It takes longer than a standard wall charger to charge up your device. Some solar panels are better than others, but with my experience, it takes a while longer to charge a phone or laptop than traditional wall charging.

If you have a solar generator, you can connect your solar charger to the power station and have power stored up over time so you can use it for backup power.

But other than the power station, it will take longer to charge your device than normal.

Overall, the benefits outweigh the cons because even though it may take longer to charge up, you can charge your devices nearly anywhere there is sunlight – you can’t really beat that.

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