Top 3 Best Solar Camping Lights

Goal Zero mini solar camping light

In this review, I am going to show you the three best solar camping lights to help power you in a hiking or camping situation. These lanterns are capable of a lot of different qualities that make them at the top of this list. They each have solar charging options, and all of them can be charged in more than one way.

In a camping situation where there’s only nature at your side, there are no power outlets nearby to give you the lighting you need if you are in the true wilderness. You will probably need an outdoor solar lantern that can keep your campsite lit for nighttime occasions. Besides a bonfire, you want LED camping lights to keep your tent lit or to go to the bathroom or whatever the case may be that you need light in the dark. These three lanterns are reliable and are portable to help you stay lit at night. Enjoy!

BigFoot mini solar light

#1 Solar Camping Light: The Bigfoot Solar Powered Lantern

This LED camping lantern is fantastic because it is portable and can fit in your pocket. It is collapsable as you can see by the design of the lantern, and makes for a great camping tool. You can use it for tents, for hiking, and for any situation where lighting is an issue. The solar LED lantern also has a USB power bank and can charge your iPhone or smartphone if you need an extra boost of power! The solar panel on the top can be charged while you hike, giving you more battery life during the day so you can use it at night.


-Very compact


-10-hour battery life on single charge


-Not as bright as others

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

–>Purchase the Bigfoot Lantern here

Goal Zero mini solar camping light

#2 Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

The light house mini is based off of the original Lighthouse 400 lantern, which you can find more info about here.The Lighthouse 400 is more similar to the next light featured in this article below, the AGPtek 5. Unfortunately, this lantern does not have solar panels attached to it to charge it. However, the same company, Goal Zero, has many solar panels sold separately that can be used to charge this device. I have a review of some of their portable solar panels here. The benefit of an exterior portable solar panel is that it can charge your light much faster than the others can with a solar panel attached to it.

The Lighthouse Mini is pricier than the other two lights, but with good reason. The Mini has over 200 lumens in its brightest setting, which is very bright for the small, compact size of this light. On its lowest brightness setting, the lantern can run nonstop for up to 26 days! This by far beats out the competition.The lantern also has a setting where the light will only shoot out at 180 degrees instead of the entire 360 degrees around. So if you are in a tent with someone who is asleep, you can direct the light only to your side of the tent. Also, this lantern has two legs that are collapsable, that can be used for setting the lantern on a table.


-High quality

-Very bright, especially for size

-Collapsable and compact


-No solar panels on the light

-More pricey than other lanterns

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

–>Purchase the Lighthouse Mini here

AGPtek 5 Rechargeable Camping Lantern

#3 AGPtek 5 Rechargeable Camping Lantern

The APGtek 5 solar LED lantern is exceptionally bright due to its multiple LED lights inside the frame. The lantern comes with a very rugged carrying handle and can be used to light up a whole tent. It comes with multiple charging options, making it easier for you to juice up the battery when needed. You can charge it via a car charger, an AC adapter, solar panels which are on top of the device, a USB charger, hand crank, or even with AA batteries! This one tops the rest in the ways you can charge it by far. There are two modes of brightness: Bright and Superbright, giving you a few options depending on the situation. There is also a wire frame around the lantern, which is good for if you accidentally drop it, it is very rugged in design.


-Very bright

-Ability to crank for power

-Great value


-Larger than the others

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

–>Purchase the AGPtek 5 lantern here

Which LED Camping Lights Best Support Your Needs?

These three lights/lanterns can improve your next camping trip and keep you lit during dark nights in the wild. Although the classic campfire is important for warmth and light, you’ll want to incorporate the best solar camping lights into your gear bag to keep your tent and other areas lit when the fire goes out.

Having one of these additions to your next hike is a must and an investment in these can bring your next outing to the next level!

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