Top 5 Off Grid Gadgets to Thrive Out in the Wild

Nothing feels as good as taking a turn at an unmarked dirt road and finding an impeccable spot away from human life and busting out the adventure gear.

But, if you do not plan right, or carry the right tools, the chances are that your camping experience might turn out to be a nightmare. 

Do you know what you need when you set out on your next camping trip? If you have gone to the wild before, you probably know what you need. But if this is your first time, then be prepared to learn.

I have compiled a list of gadgets that you will need to survive in the wild. I could go on and on about how each of these off-grid living gadgets is good and give endless details of why I like each item, but that will bore you to death.

1. Solar-Powered Generator

Rockpower 500 with space heater
My Rockpals Rockpower 500 with a space heater

A solar-powered generator is a great off-grid item to keep any of your electronic devices charged while off the grid.

With a solar panel and generator, you can charge your headlamps, phones, and any other items that may need power or batteries charged.

2. Solder-It Micro-Jet Torch

Solder-It (SODMJ300) Micro-Jet Torch with Extended Reach and Refillable Fuel Cell
Solder-It Micro-Jet Torch

This unique off-grid gadget makes any standard butane lighter into a full-on torch. It is especially useful in windy conditions.

For example, if you’re going to start a fire and the wind starts to pick up, this torch keeps the flame covered and concentrated to keep the flame going when attempting to start the fire.

It’s a nice tool to have in your gear bag in case of an emergency.

You can find it on Amazon here.

3. LED Flashlights and Solar Lights

LED lights will minimize your power consumption by 90% compared to the halogen lights. Also, LED’s do not produce much heat like the old school bulbs. When changing your lights, you must be keen to understand the color temperature. 

A typical RV bulb is 3000K or warm white. The best would be in-between and is considered to be natural white at 4000K.

If you decide to replace one bulb, you must replace all bulbs at the same time to guarantee that you are getting matching color temperatures.

If you were out in the middle of nowhere and there are no lights, and the moon is not out, and you cannot see a thing, then you need something to illuminate the surroundings. You can buy a flashlight that serves multiple purposes. Some serve as security tools, phone chargers, a night scope, SOS beacon and they are also waterproof.

Find a flashlight that is rechargeable so you won’t have to keep searching for the D batteries. As a rule of thumb, you can never have enough light so bring two solar flashlights and a few garden lights that don’t need to be plugged in. 

4. Solar Oven

camping trip with a Gosun solar oven

This is not a necessity, but it sure is nice to cook outdoors using solar power, and you can bet that things seem to have a better taste when cooked with solar energy.

A solar oven captures the sun rays and directs them to the cooking area. Since there is no heating element, the food remains moist, and the heat stays out of the kitchen which can be a plus when camping in warmer temperatures.

If you are handy, you can watch some YouTube videos on how to make your own solar oven for a fraction of the price, but if not, you are better off buying something that has been tried and tested.

Check out the GoSun solar oven here on GoSun’s website

5. Machete

Machete cutting wood

A machete has many purposes when used off of the grid, including cutting firewood, food, and brush.

Obviously there are many other areas to use this item in, and because of this, it is essential when you’re off the grid.

There are several different types of machetes. Some have saw blades, some are longer than others, and so on.

So make sure to find one that is best for you and bring it on your next excursion!

Additional (Bonus) Gadgets

There are some pretty cool gadgets out there that can be really useful for you depending on what you need. Below are some additional items that might strike your interests.

UV Water Purifying Bottle

Clean drinking water is a necessity when wild camping. Scoop up any clear water source, and use the bottle to purify it. 


This is a transforming bag system that is capable of recharging mobile devices for up to two weeks off the grid.

4G Cell Phone Booster

If you absolutely need data/cell connection 100% all the time, you may need cell phone boosters that allow you service up to 98% of the time.

The way a booster is justified is a major necessity—it could be the variation between zero service devoid of a booster, or adequate to make a call and possibly even use the internet. But when there is an emergency, it is comforting that you can make a call. Find the best Mobile 4G vehicle kit, and you will love your time in the wild. 

Digital Binoculars

The only thing that is better than a good set of binoculars is being able to record what you find. How else will you prove to your friends that Sasquatch exists?

A good pair of digital binoculars will have an excellent optical zoom and an active optical mode. They should also be dust- and splash-proof. These capture the images in HD or 3D which you can then watch on your home entertainment system. 


tent on snow

Living off the grid can be exciting, but only if you know what you need to make the experience a wonderful one.

Most of the time, you will be far from the basic necessities and luxuries like electricity, and you have to find a way to manage in the wild.

If you have the right off-grid gadgets on hand, then it should be easy and enjoyable. This article should give you a starting point.

Max Peters

Hi! I'm Max and I am passionate about off-grid solar technology and adventure! I'm using my knowledge of solar generators, solar panels, and everything in between to provide you with the best tools to keep you powered while off the grid. Read more about me here: About Max Peters."

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