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You may be wondering…  Are solar panels good for camping? If so, then why are they useful?

In this article, I’ll be answering all of those questions below…

First, why are portable solar panels good for camping? They are good for camping because they provide power to your devices without the need for fuel like with gas generators. They also have the ability to run on the power of the sun, which is why they are so reliable while camping.

They Are Lightweight

They are lightweight and are able to be portable so you can store them in your backpack depending on the type that you use for your hike or camping trip. Some solar panels are larger than others, while there are smaller ones that are easy to put in your gear bag.

They Can Charge During The Day And Be Used At Night

Obviously, solar panels can only use or store power when the sun is out. Regardless of the weather, they only will work for half of the day. So when hiking or camping, this works out well because you probably aren’t using that much power during the day unless you’re using a TV or some other device or appliance on the campground. This allows you to store power during the day, then be able to use the power stored during the nighttime hours – So you can use this for lighting your tent, powering your phones and overall recharging your laptop, cameras, or other devices.

Best solar panels for hiking

Why Use Them When You Have A Gas Generator?

If you have a gas generator, then there is no problem with this. There are a couple advantages and disadvantages when comparing solar generators to gas generators, but overall the biggest pro to having a solar charger is that you can bring it with you on a hike. This outweighs the gas generator because they are not really portable – you don’t want to be lugging one around while hiking – that would just put a damper on your hike!

So if you’re on a hike and need good, portable power, a foldable solar panel is the way to go.

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