About Max Peters

Best Solar GeneratorsMax Peters is the founder of Pure Power Solar. Both his website and YouTube channel have given hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers helpful tips for their off-grid power needs.

Feel free to contant me via the social media channels listed below or visit my contact page for more information to get in touch with me.

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My Work Story

In 2014, I entered college at Roosevelt University having no idea what I wanted to study. I ended up with a major that I thought would give me the best chance of getting a job in the business field, so I chose marketing as my major. I also studied sustainability as a minor.

Little did I realize that both of these areas of study would help bring me to where I am today.

I started this blog in 2018 as a way to get a job for an outdoor/adventure gear company like REI or Goal Zero. My website (I thought) would be a way for me to stand out amongst other job applications when it came time to graduate.

Not putting much thought into where the site would be after getting a job somewhere, I posted content every so often to improve the value of the information on the website.

In 2019, I ended up getting a job close to home at a web design and internet marketing company that focused primarily on car dealerships as clients (believe it or not, my website actually helped me get the job there!).

At this job, I optimized websites and online marketing needs for several car dealerships across the country. I learned several details about WordPress websites, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and several other online marketing tools.

Since I used most of these tools on my own website before getting the job, working on these car dealerships’ online presence helped me think of ways to improve my blog. With this knowledge, I worked on my website on weekends and after my job to strategize and create better content for my few monthly readers.

My day job was stressful. The company was growing fast and there were not enough employees to fulfill car dealers’ needs, causing myself and several others to work longer hours than a typical 9-to-5 job.

Around March of 2020, I was let go by the company due to the economic impact of COVID-19 on the business.

Just before being laid off, I discovered a program that helped me get a grasp on writing blog posts and see a potential future writing content on my website full-time.

There were many scary moments of both COVID-19 affecting millions of people as well as the stress of seeing if I could gain success with my website in a short period of time (before needing to get another job).

After over two years of not seeing nearly any growth with my website from early 2018-2020, I began seeing MASSIVE growth from my blog posts a few months after being laid off from my job, in the early summer of 2020.

This gave me the confidence to keep writing and, in addition, create more YouTube videos for my audience.

Now, I work full-time creating content at Pure Power Solar to bring you the best tools, tips, and recommendations for off-grid power needs. I’ve done heavy research on solar panels, solar generators, battery banks, and battery technology so that I can give my expertise to those interested in off-grid power.