About Pure Power Solar

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Pure Power Solar is an informational company that mainly discusses off-grid solar and battery technology. Pure Power Solar is known for its website and YouTube channel.

The mission of Pure Power Solar is to educate and empower people on how to have a reliable power source for several different off-grid scenarios.

Most of the content provided from Pure Power Solar discusses solar generators, power banks, and solar panels for off-grid living or adventures.

Posts and videos vary from product reviews, product comparisons, FAQs regarding off-grid solar and battery technology, among other topics.

My Story

I (Max Peters) started Pure Power Solar in early 2018 as a blog to simply discuss solar generators. After over two years of posting content on and off, my blog seemed to be going nowhere in terms of readers.

I started publishing blog posts while in college. The website was merely something to put on my resume to hopefully get a job at an adventure equipment company after college.

Although the website didn’t land me a job at a company like REI or Goal Zero, it did help me get a job for a company helping car dealerships with their website and internet marketing strategies.

Working after my day job and on weekends to keep the blog posts coming, I slowly built an audience of blog readers and YouTube channel viewers.

After getting laid off from my job due to business impacts from COVID-19, I decided to go all-in on creating content for people who wanted to learn more about off-grid solar and battery technology.

This time allowed me to grow my library of content substantially to empower my audience and create a discussion.

Now, with more content being published every month, Pure Power Solar has become a reliable source of information for people looking to have their power needs met off the grid.