Inergy Kodiak – The Ultra-Powerful Solar Powered Generator

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The Inergy Kodiak is the first of Inergy’s compact yet powerful portable power stations.

At the time of the Kodiak’s release in 2015, it revolutionized the way solar generators are manufactured today.

This was due to some impressive specifications, including:

  • 1,100Wh lithium-ion battery with 2,000 charge cycles
  • AC inverter capable of 1,500W continuous (3,000W surge)
  • Solar input set at a maximum of 600W
  • Entire system weight of 20 lbs

All of these specifications are still at the top of the line in current times, so when it came out, it was arguably the best solar generator until Goal Zero released the Yeti 1400 and 3000 Lithium models in 2017.

Although Inergy no longer sells the Kodiak power station, they have two successors to this model – the Apex and Flex. You can compare their stats in my article found here: Inergy Apex vs Flex – Inergy’s Premier Solar Generators.

What the Inergy Kodiak Can Power

Inergy Kodiak charging from solar
The Inergy Kodiak takes in up to 600W from solar panels, which was a high number when it came out and still is to this day.

With many saying this was one of the best portable solar generators on the market when it came out, the numbers don’t lie either.

The Inergy Kodiak can power many things including:

  • Drills and power tools
  • 16.5 ft3 Refrigerator for the home for 30 hours
  • 7.1 ft3 Freezer for 48 hours
  • Lights that are sold separately – 180 hours each
  • Communication devices
  • CPAP Machine for 20 hours
  • 1,000W Microwave for 1 hour
  • Charge a smartphone 150 times
  • Charge a tablet 30 times
  • A laptop 20 times
  • A 40″ LED TV for 25 hours
  • An electronic blanket for 14 hours

The Kodiak is powerful for its size, which is 9 x 14 x 9 in, and it weighs only 20 pounds.

The Kodiak’s Input and Output Ports

This solar generator packs a punch at 1,100Wh of power. Here are the connections included in the Kodiak:

  • 1x RV Plug (30A)
  • 6x Standard AC Outlets (110V)
  • 2x 12V Car Connectors
  • 4x USB Ports
  • 2x 12V DC Ports (2.5mm Connectors)

Charging ports on the side of the generator Include:

  1. AC Solar & Car Port (up to 270W or 10 amps max) – This is the low voltage connection
  2. High current port (up to 32 volts DC at 40 amps, 600W max) – Located to the left of the AC port
  3. External battery pack connection (for lead-acid or AGM batteries) – Can connect multiple together

All of these features are not meant to bore you but are rather to educate you on what is coming from this BEAST of a generator.

Key Areas Where the Inergy Kodiak Can Provide Off-Grid Power

Inergy Kodiak powering cooler outside
In many instances, the Kodiak can be used for outdoor adventures and tailgating events.

With all of the stats and outlets, it’s probably best to know what scenarios you can use this portable solar generator in.

Some of the best places to have this around include:

1. A Camping Trip

Since the Inergy Kodiak is only 20 pounds, you can carry this thing to your campsite and heck even hike with it if you have to!

It comes with a shoulder strap and also has a carrying handle that’s sturdy so you can bring it around. You can charge it via solar power and can use the battery while you charge it up. You can power lights, coolers, and watch TV if you can’t miss the game!

2. Home Back Up

Anyone can use this in an emergency. There are always going to be power outages at some inconvenient time. And regardless of the level of seriousness of the outage, this solar-powered generator has got you covered.

You can stay off of the grid for a very, very long time with this and I personally recommend this generator to anyone looking for home backup power that doesn’t use gas.

First off, this generator takes little time to charge up with solar panels depending on the sun and the number of panels you have.

With a 150W panel, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge from zero. If you have the 600W max power coming from solar panels, it will charge in 2-3 hours.

So that being said, it makes for a reliable home backup system in whatever scenario you find yourself in.

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3. Off-Grid Living

If you’re living off of the grid for good, this generator is for you. Without a doubt, it can power your needs. As long as you have appliances that don’t take up a lot of surge power all at once, you can safely live off of the grid with this.

Plus, by attaching the generator to another lead-acid or AGM battery, you are talking about some serious battery life to keep yourself and your home/site stable!

4. Charging Up In The Car – Road Trips

Inergy Kodiak inside car
The Inergy Kodiak is a reliable way to charge up devices and other gadgets on a road trip.

This generator can easily power things up in the car, whether you’re on a long road trip, living in your car, or whatever the case may be, the power output will keep everything running for many hours without needing to be charged up.

5. RV Trips

This is one of the best compact solar-powered generators for an RV.

It has an RV connector (you might need an adapter for the amps) and it has the power output to charge and power fridges, appliances, and lights all at once.

This can make life a heck of a lot easier, and with the generator, there is barely any noise from the inverter and fans. This beats out gas generators easily on sound.

Before Closing, here are some quick facts that set this apart from other portable solar generators.

  • 2,000 charge cycles (about 10 years of shelf life)
  • Solid steel frame – sturdy construction
  • LCD display
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 20 pounds (insanely light for the power output)

If you want a reliable power supply that will help you in dire situations or everyday needs, the Inergy Kodiak is for you and your family.

Since the Kodiak is not available now, I have some other options that might suit your RV power needs in my article ranking my picks from small to large. You can read it here: 15 Best Solar Generators for Your RV (300 to 3000+Wh).

How Much Does the Inergy Kodiak Cost?

The Inergy Kodiak has many outlets and charging ports
The Kodiak has a full-metal enclosure yet weighs only 20 lbs.

The Inergy Kodiak was originally priced at $1,499 but is no longer for sale due to Inergy creating new and improved versions based on the Kodiak. This includes the Apex and Flex solar generators. The Flex is currently available and is priced at $1,350.

You can find the Inergy Flex on Inergy’s website for more information.

Unfortunately, the Kodiak is no longer sold on Inergy’s website. They’ve made two successors to this model since its release – the Apex and Flex 1500. I have my own posts regarding both of these systems that you can read below:

If you’re interested in more features found on the Kodiak model, below is a video from Will Prowse’s YouTube channel, where he takes a deeper dive into the Kodiak’s capabilities.

Will Prowse’s review of the Inergy Kodiak power station.

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