Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module Review

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Have you ever had a problem with power, you know, like a power outage?

They can be dispiriting as they are capable of disrupting plans or events that you have put in place.

Being able to afford home energy storage is a luxury, and a lot of people cannot afford it due to its high cost, which keeps rising.

However, the Yeti Link Expansion Module, a product of Goal Zero, provides an opportunity for affordable backup power.

It is no news that Goal Zero has always been at the front end of power storage, constantly innovating and evolving and producing different products that help sustain power for various uses.

This addition to their Yeti Home Storage Expansion Ecosystem provides an option for a low-cost energy storage option which puts into full consideration the specific demands of the user.

The Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module connects high-end Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar generators to Yeti Tank Expansion Batteries. The combination of these three products results in a higher overall battery storage capacity.

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With a will to drive portable power to everyone’s acquisition, they are solely inspired by a pursuit to provide innovative power supplies for a change in the technology space. 


Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module, Lead-Acid to Lithium Battery Expansion Module Compatible Portable Power Station Generators for Home Use

This is a thoughtful innovation by Goal Zero as it affords Yeti solar generator owners the luxury to somewhat upgrade their machine and increase its efficiency and reliability in case of a power emergency.

This innovation will certainly help the Goal Zero Yeti solar generators stay on top of their game and remain relevant in the solar generator market. 

The Yeti Link Expansion Module is an essential add-on module that helps to increase the storage capacity of the Yeti lithium power station. It also helps to maintain the portability of the power station.

All these are possible just by simply connecting the Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module to their Yeti Tank Expansion Battery. It can also be used to charge the Yeti Tank Expansion Battery with an external charge controller.

Hence, the Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion ModuleOpens in a new tab. helps you increase the storage capacity of the Yeti solar generator and still maintain its portability using the expansion battery connection. This product allows customers to place additional lead-acid batteries onto their Goal Zero 1000, 1400, and 3000 Lithium line of solar generators. 

To connect a Yeti Tank Expansion battery to a Yeti Lithium Power Station, you would have to use a Yeti Link Expansion Module. Think of it like preparing noodles. You need a source of heat and a pot; however, if you do not have any noodles, there will be nothing to eat.

All three are important, but the Yeti Link Expansion Module ensures that the integration with the power station increases power storage.

You do not have to worry about the safety of your car or the risks of the battery burning out while using the expansion module. The Yeti Link Expansion Module can also act as an isolator and protect the vehicle battery from discharging. Once in “Car Mode”, it can be used to charge the Yeti Lithium power station safely from a vehicle.

With this amazing new development, you can add up to 1200 watt-hours of power from your tank or battery into the Yeti power pack. This provides you with reserved energy you can fall back on in case of emergency or exhaustion of the main solar generator.

However, it is notable that the Link Expansion Module is only compatible with Yeti 1000, 1400, or 3000 Lithium generators. Also, the Expansion Module cannot be used in combination with the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller module; you can only use either of them at a given time. 

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Simply put, the Yeti link car mode allows you to use the generator in the car if you are practicing RV living and charging simultaneously.

It equally provides access to functions that might be needed in the car while the vehicle is in use. Tank mode, on the other hand, is the standard model for the Yeti Link Expansion Module, i.e. the original way it was built. 

Hence, when the Yeti link is placed in car mode, it allows the driver to pull power from the vehicle alternator safely. Depending on the Yeti lithium power station in use, the charge rate can vary from 25A – 50A.

Bear in mind that the Yeti Link Expansion Module must be in car mode for you to activate this feature successfully; otherwise, it could drain the battery of the vehicle.

All links come in Tank Mode; to switch to car mode is quite easy and straightforward with some practical steps. 


Once you have successfully connected the links and it comes on, it is already in tank mode. To successfully change from tank mode to car mode, press the pinhole reset button on top of the link four times. After the fourth time, all four indicator lights will come on and blink at the same time.

To successfully change from car mode to tank mode, press the pinhole reset button on the top of the link four more times. After the fourth time, all four indicator lights will scroll individually from bottom to top.

Ensure you take note of the lights during and after transitioning modes so that you will enjoy the best of the Yeti Link Expansion Module.


Goal Zero is not at all laid back as they keep improving and creating innovative ideas that make their solar generators capable of living up to expectations and providing continuous power for all.

Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module, Lead-Acid to Lithium Battery Expansion Module Compatible Portable Power Station Generators for Home Use
Goal Zero Yeti expansion module 

They are still in the business of manufacturing amazing features that will keep you powered up and prepared for power emergencies.

Wondering why you should get a Yeti Link Expansion Module? Below are some wonderful benefits available when using the Yeti Link Expansion Module:  

  • It provides an opportunity for users to have a simple, convenient, and reliable power storage option.
  • When connected successfully, it is capable of powering several things such as medical devices, internet modems, lights, refrigerators, etc.
  • It allows direct integration with home circuits providing an amazing power storage experience.
  • Once in “Car Mode”, it provides a quick and easy option to recharge a Yeti Lithium Power Station from your vehicle wherever you are. 
  • It gives you an option to use power when you need it and store it when you don’t.

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Below are some of the unique features of the Yeti Link Expansion Module: 

  • Chaining your Yeti solar generator to a backup Yeti tank expansion battery: you need not worry about running low on the power supply with your solar generator; with Yeti Link Expansion Module, you can save up power for later.
  • Extended power supply: similarly, this innovative feature of the Goal Zero Yeti provides an allowance to save up more power than your Yeti 1000, 1400, or 3000 lithium can accommodate.  It increases your energy storage capacity significantly.
  • Rechargeable with car battery: when switched to Car Mode, you can recharge the Yeti Tank Expansion battery even while the car is in use. No worries, it can’t drain your car battery while it’s in Car Mode. 
  • Chaining different batteries: the Yeti Link Expansion Module allows you to chain two batteries of different chemistry such that it becomes more efficient; such as the lead-acid and lithium types of batteries. 


Charge Times

The maximum input of the Yeti Tank expansion battery differs from one Yeti solar generator to another. The max input from Yeti to the: 

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1000 is 454 to 605 watts
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1400Opens in a new tab. is 454 to 750 watts
  • Goal Zero Yeti 3000Opens in a new tab. 750 watts or more


  • It must not exceed the 22V input limit.
  • It has an 8mm charging port (input): 14 – 22V. It should not exceed 150W (10A) per port. 
  • It has a 65A charge controller for external battery connector (output)

Other Specs 

  • It weighs 1.5 lbs. (680g) 
  • Warranty of up to 12 months
  • Product SKU: 98200
  • It has a dimension of 10.25 x 3.3 x 1.5 (26 x 8.4 x 3.8 cm)
  • Best suited for emergency preparedness and camping
  • Materials used: ABS plastic


The confidence of having an available and readily accessible power supply is next to none; it gives assurance and some sort of security. One never can tell when there will be an urgent need for electrical energy in a situation of a power outage.

It might be for medical emergencies or household running, so you never can be too prepared. Highlighted below are a few reasons having a Goal Zero Yeti Expansion Module is a great acquisition: 

It can serve as a backup power station

Its compatibility with the Goal Zero Yeti 1000. 1400, 3000 lithium solar power station makes it another alternative to save up electrical energy for when it will come in handy.

You can save up as much as 1000 watt-hour capacity with the Yeti expansion module. With this innovative expansion module; you have increased the storage capacity. 

Perfect for extended camping

The longer a camp gets extended, the more power supply will be needed to keep the exercise merry and memorable.

The idea of taking more than one solar generator on such trips might be unrealistic, so the Goal Zero Yeti expandable battery is the perfect alternative. You can eradicate all unforeseen electrical energy situations like incessant rain by taking the expansion module with you on your camping trip. 

It is equally eco-friendly

One would have thought that an external addition to a system should bring a negative change in its effectiveness or working system, but with the Yeti expansion module, you have your solar generator as perfect as it was: portable, easily carried, and silent. If there is any change at all, it is a positive one, i.e. you have more storage capacity. 

It is quite cheap

Selling at three hundred and ninety-nine dollars and ninety-five cents, the Goal Zero Yeti Tank and battery does not require long-term planning or budgeting for the tons of advantages it offers. 

Compatible with any Yeti solar generator above the Yeti 1000

Buying an expansion tank and the battery does not require getting a Yeti solar generator alongside because it is compatible with all Goal Zero Yeti solar generators from 1000. Whether lithium-ion or lead-acid, the expansion module and battery works perfectly with either. 

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The Goal Zero Yeti App enables the usage of the Wi-Fi connectivity feature of the solar generator. With the application on your device, you can control the generator from a distance without being physically present. Here is what the Goal Zero Yeti App helps you achieve:

  • Enables you to sync your generator with the app using direct connectivity or a connection established through a Wi-Fi network. When you push a button, you can redefine power with the use of the Yeti App. 
  • Allows connecting multiple devices to a single generator or multiple generators to a single device which increases effectiveness. 
  • Updating app over the internet helps your Yeti 3000 function at its best. 
  • Allows you to check battery level, switch power, and turn ports on or off, from wherever you are. 

Is It Compatible with the Expansion Module?

Yes, it is compatible with the Goal Zero Yeti Expansion Module because the module cannot function outside a solar generator. Therefore, if it is compatible with a solar generator, then it is same with the software.

Keep in mind that when there is a need to charge with a vehicle, the transition from Tank Mode to Car Mode has to be done manually to ensure a proper and smooth transition. 


Back up four important home circuits: This is a customizable and versatile electrical energy system that backs up four crucial circuits in your home. It scales to meet your specific power needs, i.e. can practically power any household appliance and some low watt industrial equipment.

Increases storage capacity: The Goal Zero Yeti first of its kind battery chaining technology allows you to connect a low budget lead acid battery to a high-quality Yeti Lithium-ion power station for more electrical storage capacity and effectiveness. 

Integrates with home circuits: It incorporates directly into the home’s circuits to give you a more seamless backup power experience. It has the capacity to power everything in the house from the lights in frequently used rooms to the refrigerators, medical equipment, modems and connectivity devices, mobile devices, kitchen equipment, television, DVD, etc.  

Rechargeable with a car: With the use of the Goal Zero Yeti expansion module, charging your solar generator becomes possible even while the car is in use. All that is needed is to switch from Tank Mode to Car Mode, and you can recharge all the way. 

Compatible with any type of Yeti solar generator battery: The expansion module works well for both the lead-acid and lithium power batteries. It allows for chaining two batteries of different chemistry.  

Relatively affordable: The Goal Zero Yeti Expansion tank and battery cost less than four hundred dollars each, and there is a discount when they are bought together. It does not require so much saving or budgeting if you already have a compatible solar power station. 


Incompatibility with all Goal Zero Yeti generators: If the expansion module were compatible with all solar generators made by Goal Zero Yeti, this would have been the invention of the century!

It’s a slight disappointment that owners of The Yeti solar generators that are lower than 1000 (yeti 150 and 400 power station) cannot enjoy this amazing privilege. It can only work with Yeti power stations that are 1000 and above. 

Cannot be entirely controlled with the Yeti Mobile Software: Unlike a regular solar generator that can be entirely controlled from a distance using the Yeti app, the module expansion cannot be controlled with only the app, especially when it is charging with a car battery. It has to be controlled manually if it is charging in a vehicle.

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