Jackery Bolt Not Charging: Solutions And Breakdown

The Jackery Bolt has many features for a small power bank, but several users have had trouble figuring out its charging process.

The Bolt comes in two variations:

  • Bolt-C 10,050mAh version
  • Bolt 6,000mAh version

I’m going to be focusing specifically on the model I own, which is the 6,000mAh version.

However, since these power banks are similar in their layout, you might be able to apply some of the tips I give to your Bolt-C system.

The Jackery Bolt is not charging due to multiple possible causes, including battery lifecycles being used up, cable/socket faults, weather/temperature damage, user error, manufacturing errors, or smartphone cases blocking a stable connection.

In this post, I’m going to dive into each of these possible causes and give solutions for as many as possible.

Why is the Jackery Bolt not charging?

Jackery Bolt Charging
Jackery Bolt charging up from its Micro-USB input.

There are quite a number of reasons why your Bolt power bank isn’t charging.

I’ve gathered five possible reasons why this problem is occurring as well as solutions for most of them (some cannot be fixed).

1. Battery Lifecycles Used Up

Jackery Bolt output side
As seen on my Bolt, it is rated at 6,000mAh. Since it is a small battery bank, it can be charged and discharged faster than a larger battery. If I used this battery every day, the battery could be completely dead after 1-3 years due to its cycle life being completely used up.

One battery lifecycle is when it is fully charged and then discharged completely (to power devices).

Every battery has a set amount of lifecycles before its battery is depleted. For example, my Sherpa 100AC power bank is listed at “hundreds of cycles” before its battery becomes unusable.

The Jackery Bolt uses a lithium battery. These batteries vary in their longevity, but the more often they’re used, the easier it is to come across a dead battery after some time.

Jackery Bolt cycle life Amazon answer
From Amazon, Jackery answered a question about charge cycles. Here, they state that the Bolt has 300+ charge cycles.

Another way a dead battery can occur is if it is discharged and left untouched for weeks.

Batteries lose their charge slowly when left untouched, that’s why it’s important to keep them charged before storing them for extended periods of time.

Solution: Replace your power bank

If you’ve used your Bolt for more than two or three years and use it often, you may have simply worn your battery out.

A lot of people make the mistake of charging their power banks and smartphones/devices too often. Usually, most batteries have a cycle life of three years, depending on usage.

But you can improve the durability of your battery if you use it properly. If your battery has reached the end of its cycle life, there isn’t much you can do here but replace your Bolt with a new power bank.

If you’d like some guidance on what to look for in a new power bank, I wrote an article specifically for this topic here: Portable Power Banks – What To Look For Before Purchasing.

2. Cable/Socket Faults

Jackery Bolt USB connector slightly out
In my Jackery Bolt, its USB port is not damaged, but part of it is curved slightly. This causes the end of my USB cable to extend out. I need to force it in in order for it to work.

In the case of the image above, my problem occurs with the Bolt’s USB output. This doesn’t charge the Bolt, but you may experience similar connection issues with the Micro-USB input that charges the power bank.

It might surprise you to know that most of the problems with power banks do not emanate from the battery.

Most times, the cord you’re using or the power bank’s charging socket may have been damaged. When this happens, you may have experienced some difficulty interacting with your device.

Jackery Bolt input side
The charging input on the Jackery Bolt is just above its USB-A port. As you can see from the USB port, its top end is curved, causing me to force my USB cord into it in order for it to fit.

Solution: Adjust input connection if it’s crooked

Although it is a difficult task, if you find that your charging input (Micro-USB) looks slightly different than mine above, then you can use a tool to adjust it.

For example, if the one metal piece on the Micro-USB is oddly angled, you can try to use a set of pliers to make the piece straight again.

Unfortunately, if your Micro-USB input is damaged in any way, you will have trouble fixing this issue. But if you can use a tool to fix it, it might be worth a shot.

If your charging input is not visibly damaged, check the next steps to see where the problem may lie.

3. Smartphone Cases Blocking Connection

This issue doesn’t apply to charging the Bolt itself but can be interpreted this way.

Some iPhone/Android cases could be blocking your connection to charge your smartphone. LifeProof, OtterBox, and several other brands of cases can prevent the Lightning or Micro-USB cables from fully connecting to your phone.

If you can’t get your phone to charge from the Bolt, this could be the issue. If this applies to you, simply remove your phone case and see if it charges.

4. Weather/Temperature Damage

Batteries are sensitive to changes in their environments. For instance, during summer, when the weather is warm (and on most occasions hot), your power bank might get hot too, causing its battery to warm up.

If this happens consistently, it will ultimately cause your battery to drain faster, and you will need to charge your Bolt more often.

Unintentionally overheating your power bank causes its overall battery cycle life to reduce. And if this has happened often, then your battery may be dead.

Solution – Replace your power bank

With a dead battery, there is no way to fix it. If you’ve taken your power bank everywhere with you in warm environments, this is a possible reason why it’s not charging.

Rain damage and simply dropping your power bank can cause it to malfunction or stop working completely.

If you want to find a power bank that is resistant to these events, I recommend checking out the Venture series by Goal Zero. They have rubberized buffers and waterproof ports.

I have an article comparing two of these models found here: Venture 30 vs 70 – Power Banks from Goal Zero (Power, Ports, & More).

5. Manufacturing Errors

Jackery Bolt outputs extended
If there’s a manufacturer error with your Jackery Bolt, use your 18-month warranty (if applicable) to receive a replacement.

Many users have complained about defects in their newly acquired products. If you notice any problems with your device after a few days, weeks, or months of acquiring it, you may have a manufacturing defect.

Solution – Use warranty

Fortunately, Jackery offers an 18-month warranty on the Bolt, after which you cannot return any problematic device. If your warranty hasn’t lapsed; any problem you have within that time frame can be corrected by the manufacturers, provided you have the receipt.

You can review the Jackery Bolt ManualOpens in a new tab. to see this warranty and its details (its details are on the bottom right of the document). If your power bank falls within the warranty, you can contact Jackery hereOpens in a new tab..

How do you charge a Jackery Bolt 6000?

The charge the Jackery Bolt 6000, use a Micro-USB cable and connect it to the input section of the power bank. The Bolt will indicate it is charging when its four LED indicators are alternating. If the Bolt is fully charged, all four of these lights will be solid blue.

If this process isn’t working for your Bolt, check your power connection. If you’re charging it from the wall outlet, try another one. If that doesn’t work, try using your laptop outlets to charge it.

If none of these methods work for you, odds are your Bolt’s battery is dead.

My own issues with the Jackery Bolt

I’ve had a few issues occur with my Bolt and want to share them with you to hopefully share some helpful solutions that you can use for yourself.

Not charging my iPhone

Jackery Bolt iphone cable extended
In order for my iPhone to charge with the Bolt, I have to place my phone on top of the power bank so the cable works properly.

I have an issue with charging my iPhone with the Bolt – I have to lay my phone at an angle in order for the power bank to work properly. If I don’t get the right angle, it will not charge my phone.

I found that my phone charges best when I lay it on top of my Bolt with the Bolt’s cable connected to my phone.

If I were to just lay my phone flat right next to the Bolt, it would just show that my phone was charging for a second or two and then revert back to not charging. This process continued to repeat until I found the correct angle.

Damaged USB-A output

When plugging any USB-A cable into the Bolts output, I have to push it in even more after it stops. The problem is that the USB outlet is curved slightly, which prevents any USB cable from easily fitting without some extra force.

My USB port works as long as it is fully inside the outlet.

How do you reset a Jackery Bolt?

The Jackery Bolt cannot be reset. This function does not exist within the Bolt’s manual. If your Bolt is malfunctioning, there are steps that you can take other than resetting the power bank in order to solve the issue.

How do you turn off a Jackery Bolt?

You turn off the Jackery Bolt by clicking the power button twice. Before doing this, its blue battery status indicators should be on. This process also turns the Bolt off even if it’s charging a device.

How do you turn off the flashlight on a Jackery Bolt?

You turn off the flashlight on a Jackery Bolt either by pressing the power button twice or by pressing and holding the power button until it turns off. If you’re charging a device from the Bolt and just want the flashlight to turn off, hold down the power button.

If you want to simply turn off the light as well as the Bolt, press the power button twice.

Jackery Bolt – Discontinued

The Jackery Bolt is discontinued. It is no longer available on Jackery’s website or on Amazon. In fact, all of Jackery’s power banks are discontinued, including the PowerBar, Bar, Giant+, Armor, Mini, and Supercharge models.

If you’d like my recommendations on power banks, I have some choices for you that are found in the following articles of mine (my first pick is the Sherpa 100AC):

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