Where Are Solar Generators Made? Brand by Brand Breakdown

In today’s eco-conscious world, solar generators have become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking sustainable and reliable energy solutions. As the demand for these devices grows, so does the curiosity about where they are made.

Understanding the origins of solar generators can provide valuable insights into their quality, durability, and the environmental practices of the companies behind them.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most well-known solar generator brands and break down where their products are manufactured. Whether you’re an eco-enthusiast, a potential buyer, or simply curious, this brand-by-brand breakdown will shed light on the global footprint of the solar generator industry.

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Where Are Bluetti Solar Generators Made?

Bluetti solar generatorsOpens in a new tab. are manufactured by Shenzhen PowerOak Technology Co. Ltd., headquartered in Guangdong, China.1 The design and research and development (R&D) of Bluetti products are carried out in the United States, particularly in their Nevada office. This team oversees the development of key technologies, such as battery management systems (BMS) and inverter technologyOpens in a new tab., ensuring high standards and innovation.

The production of Bluetti’s lithium batteries primarily involves CBAK Energy Technology, Inc., a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer based in China.2 Therefore, while the core R&D and design efforts are based in the US, the actual manufacturing process, including assembly and battery production, takes place in China to leverage advanced manufacturing capabilities and meet global demand efficiently.3

“Our factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong, China, covering an area of 80,000 square meters, with a total of 2000 employees, including 300 R&D team members, producing 3000 power stations every day.”

Bluetti, 2022 4

These international collaborations allow Bluetti to maintain a competitive edge in the solar generator market by balancing quality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

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Where Are Goal Zero Products Made?

Goal Zero products are primarily manufactured in China. The company designs its products in the United States, focusing on innovation and high-quality standards.

However, the actual production, including assembly of their solar panels, power packs, and solar generators, takes place in China to maintain competitive pricing.

“Our products are designed, engineered and tested here in our Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters and manufactured with our partners in China.”

Goal Zero 5

According to its “contact us” page, the company has its headquarters in Draper, UtahOpens in a new tab., where they manage product design, innovation, and customer support.


Where Are Ecoflow Solar Generators Made?

EcoFlow solar generators are manufactured in China.6 This strategic choice leverages the advanced manufacturing infrastructure and skilled labor available in the region, allowing EcoFlow to produce high-quality and reliable solar generators.

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Where Are Jackery Power Stations Made?

Jackery power stations are manufactured in China. The company was founded in California in 2012 and has since grown into a prominent brand in the portable power solutions market.7 Jackery’s products, including their popular portable power stations and solar panels, are designed in the United States but are produced in China.

Jackery also confirmed this with me in an email exchange:


Where Are Anker Solar Generators Made?

Anker solar generators are manufactured in China.8 The company’s production facilities leverage advanced manufacturing technology and skilled labor to ensure high-quality products.

Anker’s SOLIX line of solar generators, including models like the F1200Opens in a new tab., F2000Opens in a new tab., and C1000Opens in a new tab., are designed to provide reliable and efficient power solutions for a variety of applications, from home backup to outdoor activities.

Where Are 4Patriots Solar Generators Made?

4Patriots solar generators, including their popular models like the Patriot Power Generator 1800 and 2000X, are designed in the United States but manufactured in Asia.

The company focuses on providing reliable and portable power solutions for emergencies, outdoor activities, and off-grid living. Their generators are known for being lightweight, durable, and easy to use, with advanced features like lithium-iron-phosphate batteries for stability and long lifespan.

“Our solar power products are designed and developed at our corporate office in Tennessee. Most lithium battery products in the USA – Including ours – are made in Asia. We ship all orders from our warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, and our customer support team is based in the U.S. as well.”

4Patriots 9

Is Renogy Made in the USA?

Renogy, a well-known name in the solar energy industry, is an American-based company, but their products, including solar panels, are primarily manufactured in China.10,11 This allows them to maintain competitive pricing while ensuring quality through strict manufacturing standards.

Renogy’s headquarters is in California, and they also have several warehouses throughout the USA.12 Yi Li founded Renogy in 2010 and has served as the CEOOpens in a new tab. of the company since its creation.13

Are Any Solar Generators Made in the USA?

While many solar generators are designed in the USA, the majority are manufactured overseas. However, some companies do produce solar generators domestically.

For example, Grid Eraser, Cutting Edge Power, and Lion Energy manufacture their products in the USA, ensuring high standards and local job support. These brands focus on quality and reliability, making them excellent choices for those seeking American-made solar solutions.

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