3 Devices To Use With A Portable Solar Generator

The goal zero yeti 150 solar powered generator is great for camping

Portable Solar Generators Do A Lot, But What Are The Best Devices To Charge?

While using a portable solar generator for camping, hiking, or just chilling, there are plenty of gadgets to charge up while using a power generator.

You can charge a lot of things but let me show you the best, most essential devices to charge with the Yet Goal Zero 150 Generator.

#1 Power Generator Essential – Laptop

This instrument is key to be charging with because your laptop is an essential communicationlaptop is perfect for solar generator device.

This is important because you need your laptop for things like business communication, video/photo editing, or really any other areas of interest you can think of.

You don’t want to have your laptop out of battery in any situation.

The laptop charges 1-2 times with the Yeti 150 and charges as fast as a wall charger….

….Now, if you’re camping, there’s obviously no way you’re going to use a wall charger, but keep in mind that it takes a lot of juice from the power generator to power up your laptop, so maybe use it sparingly.

#2 Power Generator Essential – Your Smartphone/Tablet 

charge smartphone with ease with power generatorYes, obviously your smartphone is essential to have powered up, especially if your power goes out at home or if you’re busy camping or hiking.

….The Yeti 150 charges your smartphone up to 15 times and is a great way to keep you powered!

There are also two USB outlets and an AC adaptor in the portable solar generator, so you can even charge three phones at once if you need to!

#3 Essential For Portable Generator – Camera 

If you hike/camp/or just love to take high-quality photos with your camera, using the Yeti power generator can charge your POV camera 25 times over!

….So if you need that power boost for that one shoot before sunset, the Yeti 150 can help!

==> Bonus Tip – Make sure to put your phones and laptops in sleep mode or just shut them down before charging.

This will charge your devices more quickly and use less juice from your power generator.

Also Important For Charging With Goal Zero Generator…Headlamps

I had to include this because it’s a unique AND essential one…

…Charging your headlamp while camping, before that big night hike, night fishing, or any other task you can think of, you can charge headlamps roughly 25-50 times over with the Yeti Power Station! 

To Keep Your Devices Charged In Any Occasion With A Reliable, Portable Power Generator…

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator…Then I recommend the Yeti Goal Zero 150 Portable Power Station.

==> Read my full Yeti Goal Zero Portable Power Station Review Here

The Yeti 150 is portable and is as small as an average toaster, yet it produces enough power to charge the devices mentioned above and more…

You can stay powered through the night or day in whatever condition because the portable power station can go with you wherever, whenever, and can even fit in a small backpack.

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